Grypmat Review

04 Jun

Take a look at my Grypmat review to help you decide if you should buy one. This will not be for everyone, is it for you?

Our grypmat review reveals it's not for everyone, it depends on what you work with and how you work.

Grypmat Review

Every Grypmat review shows positive signals about the product, yes it is a great invention that's for sure.

But, is this something you should buy?

It's designed to hold tools in any position.

So, basically you are buying a flexible mat rubber type surface you can lie down anywhere to hold your tools on.

So, the Grypmat can twist into any shape and conform to the surface it has been placed on. Then you can pop your tools onto it and work without having to waste time looking for tools.

Do you work on cars, motorbikes, planes or anything else that might need a place to hold tools on uneven surfaces?

If you answer yes, then the Grypmat is something you should buy without any doubt it will help you.

If you answer no, then you probably won't get any use out of the mat.

The Grypmat comes in small, medium and large sizes.

The size you purchase depends on how many tools you work with in any one go.

The high-friction material protects surfaces and tools alike. The Large Grypmat is a 12" x 12" Tool mat with four small compartments and a extra large field for hand tools. You will have three large areas for gripping in the middle, with rulers on either side. The gun is on the left side of an F-16 next to the cockpit. In 2013, Tom was working on a F-16 Jet and almost fell off of it reaching for a tool. Using a Grypmat will be part of a new way of thinking when working with tools in any environment. The Medium Grypmat is designed to keep your hand tools together within proximity, such as under the hood or on top of a ladder. I invented the Grypmat to prevent these issues, and to make it easy to keep tools and hardware within comfortable reach - so you can just focus on the work in front of you,” says founder Tom Burden. It’s no secret that the thousands of rivets, tools, and aircraft parts needed to build and maintain your airplane can make it pretty easy to get a little unorganized from time to time. The Grypmat Flexible Tool Tray seems like a great buy for anyone who spends a lot of time in the shop.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. Share your review to spread the word. Resistant to chemicals, it comes with an insane grip that can hold tools on a number of work surfaces. Grypmat works where other tool trays won’t, such as the curved surfaces found on aircraft wings and bodies. A high-performance, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-static, rubber tool mat. Explaining more as the camera zooms in, Burden tells them that it is a non-slip tool tray which helps to ensure that “your tools and hardware stay in place” on any surface. Its unique chemistry enables it to grip on to whatever surface it is placed on without sliding or falling, while still allowing for easy placement and removal. Say goodbye to muffin tins, carpet squares and dirty rags, and say hello to a reliable, flexible, simple solution to protect your prized airplane while keeping you organized in the process. If you have done work on your car’s engine, you will understand problem with keeping the tools close to you. Tom Burden, a mechanic in the US Air Force, developed the Grypmat because that lucky SOB actually had this problem. In a recent guest blog for Virgin, Tom Burden, creator of the Grypmat, revealed that he’d always wanted to be an inventor.

To help pay for college, Tom joined the military and became an aircraft mechanic - and it was here that he got the idea for a successful aviation invention. Tom is a former Ohio Air National Guard Air Force mechanic that worked on planes for a living. Everyone from the professional aircraft mechanic to the DIYer can benefit from this revolutionary product. If the mess is especially out of control, you can use a little soap and water. However, the Grypmat can end all your issues. How to Use My Grypmat Coupon Codes? We see the use of Grypmats expanding into other categories like medical and industrial environments. Tom also thought about other working environments and wanted it to be able to withstand an autoclave for possible use in the medical field. I believe that your biggest accomplishment should be the one that you’re currently working on…day in and day out.

This news is just after Tom captured this years SEMA Launch Pad competition on Oct 30th. After being selected as one of the ten finalists Tom won overall winner of this year’s contest. Tom has always been interested in mechanical things and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. Tom launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign and was funded in less than ten hours. Because this company has not actually yet made this product available on the open market, there is no way to know how well it will fulfill all of the promises it has made to its consumers. There are no questions yet. In response, he says that most sales are from his website, though they also sell the product at trade shows. Buyers immediately recognized the uses and value of a product like the Grypmat as something to add to their product line. Thus, the Grypmat was born. Using Grypmat reduces Foreign Object Damage (FOD), lowers maintenance times, prevents scratches and damage, and helps mechanics do their jobs. A little tentative, he tells them that it depends on the sharks.

This past year has been like being strapped to a rocket. If anything, Lori, Mark, and Richard have played a significant role in their growth over the past months. But what was it about his invention that caught the eye of Richard Branson on US TV show Shark Tank? Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9pm and 10pm on ABC. Burden on ABC's Shark Tank earlier this month. His next goal was to develop new designs that would compliment his original by offering three different sizes. After multiple rounds, he learned that he had made a final cut to have a chance to film an episode. Multiple times now he's complimented me on finding him such a good gift. UT bioengineers, led by Vijay Goel, PhD, have received a patent for their device to assist with fine-tuning spinal surgeries by standardizing range-of-motion testing for pre- and post-surgical procedures. Also, have a long-term plan for your product.

I hope our Grypmat review has helped you decide if you should buy it or not. It is a great invention but it will not be for everyone.

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